The Dutch story of an Integrated Approach to Nitrogen, circular policy?

In northwest Europe the deposition of atmospheric nitrogen is one of the main problems to maintain or restore natural habitats into a favorable conservation status. Due to the overload of Nitrogen deposition and the impact on the economy The Netherlands implemented an Integrated Approach to Nitrogen (PAS).

The road towards the PAS was long and challenging, how to create room for economic development whilst also implementing new legislation to reduce emissions and support ecological restoration measures. In 2019 the Dutch council of state deemed the policy approach unfit, following an advice given in late 2018 by the Court of Justice of the European Union. A ruling that can have a major effect for other EU member states. Are we back really at the drawing board? Which lessons gives us this Dutch example and are the different stakeholders operating in this new situation. In this presentation we will evaluate of what made the integrated approach both successful and a failure. We look to the future and present what is being done today.