INI2020 – Virtual Event

On 4 May 2020 our virtual curtain raiser for the INI2020 took place with around 300 participants. We thank all viewers for their active interest and hope to welcome you personally next year. Until then you can browse through our digital archive, recap and take your time to listen to and read up on the aspects you are interested in or have missed:

Written summary of the most important messages of all speakers of the event
– Video recorded event in full length (see below)
– Presentation slides of our Keynote Speaker Prof. Xin Zhang (University of Maryland, USA) on “The current state of nitrogen around the world” and Prof. Mark Sutton (Center for Ecology and Hydrology, UK) on “International policy developments on nitrogen”
Video message of the president of German’s Federal Environmental Agency Prof. Dirk Messner
Animated explanatory film: From nutrient to environmental issue – why less nitrogen in our environment can solve many problems
– Comments by Dr. Vincent Aduramigba-Modupe (Africa Centre Director of INI) and Prof. R. Ramesh (Chair, GPNM & Director, National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management, Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Government of India)

Don’t forget: For a deeper insight in specific nitrogen issues an interactive online poster session is currently taking place. There are 22 posters available on various aspects on nitrogen management. Feel free to leave comments and discuss your questions with the authors.