High-resolution maps of ammonia concentration and nitrogen deposition for Baden-Württemberg

Maps of wet and dry deposition of reactive nitrogen (Nr) compounds are generated on a hectare raster for Baden-Württemberg (BW), Germany. An integrative modelling approach is applied, combining interpolation methods for wet deposition, emission maps and statistical dispersion models for ammonia as well as results from atmospheric transport models. The results are useful input for tasks such as evaluating threads to terrestrial ecosystems by excess atmospheric N concentration (critical level exceedance), N deposition (critical load exceedance), or establishing N balances for valuating excess nutrient loads on agricultural land (critical surplus exceedance).

Air concentration and deposition fluxes of reactive nitrogen in Baden-Württemberg are modelled using the chemical transport model (CTM) EURAD providing a 25 ha grid resolution output, the inferential model PolluMap, GIS based geostatistical modelling, and regression modelling, respectively.