Cost-effective nitrogen load reductions to Danish coastal areas

Good ecological status of the coastal marine waters should be achieved no later than 2027 to fulfil the European Water Framework Directive. To advise the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food of the most cost-effective solutions and combinations of measures to achieve this target, economic models have been set up for assessments of cost-effective nitrogen load reductions from 90 subcatchments within the 21 main catchments, to the Danish coastal areas. The results, input data and assumptions in the two model approaches have been compared and a number of sensitivity analyses have been performed, including how the spatial scale of the assumptions applied for the modelling affect the solution. The final results, which are due before August 2020, will provide a span for the cost-effective allocation of measures to reduce the nitrogen loads.

Nitrogen load reductions from agriculture and other sources cause eutrophication of the aquatic environment, and Nitrogen load reductions are necessary to achieve god ecological status of water ecosystems. Good ecological status is required by the European Water Framework Directive, and should be achieved before 2027 at the latest.