Characterization of reactive nitrogen emissions from turfgrass systems

This study was aimed at characterizing seasonal emissions of three reactive nitrogen species, i.e., ammonia (NH3), nitric oxide (NO), and nitrous oxide (N2O), from turfgrass systems.
Soil emissions were measured using the dynamic chamber approach with three N fertilizer levels: 0, 36.5, and 73 kg N ha-1 . Seasonal intensives indicate a wide range of emissions for NH3 (5.8- 93.4 ng N m-2 s -1 ), NO (2.0-47.9 ng N m-2 s -1 ), and N2O (15.3-35.0 ng N m-2 s -1 ). Highest NH3 and NO emissions were observed from the highest N fertilizer treatment, while the relationship between N2O emissions and fertilizer amount was less consistent.