Free Walking Tour – Counter-Cycling


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Monday, 4 May 2020

An atom at large in the biota is too free to know freedom; an atom back in the sea has forgotten it. For every atom lost to the sea, the prairie pulls another out of the decaying rocks. The only certain truth is that its creatures must suck hard, live fast, and die often, lest its losses exceed its gains.
Odyssey, Aldo Leopold, 1949

Alternating between air, soil and sea, nitrogen cycles in various forms through our ecosystems, creating the basis for growth of all living beings. Since it has become an essential element of our economic growth systems, nitrogen is now an indicator of agricultural overproduction as well as depletion. Even though science and politics have known about the nitrogen problem for a long time, there has been little public awareness and even less action to tackle it. How can environmental crises that happen slowly and invisibly be mediated and connected to our everyday lives? On the Counter-Cycling walk, we  will follow nitrogen cycles on a poetic and investigative journey around Potsdamer Platz. With a large-scale Compass we will measure the urban nitrogen landscape and draw Counter-Cycles for soil, water and air. We invite participants to join this walk for sharing their perspectives in an informal setting. With artists / designers Myriel Milicevic and Nina Blume and biologist Herbert Lohner (Friends of the Earth / BUND Berlin)

About 1,5 Hour Tour